Stand-alone decoder version 1.1 (download)

This decoder can be used to decode bommanews-posts after they are downloaded with Agent or Outlook Express.

Download: Agent:

With posts from versions before 1.0.6 of bommanews, "save all attachments" won't work: you'll have to double-click the icon in the "body" of each individual file,and use the "Save..." button.
Use a .bn-type for the file, this makes decoding a bit easier (for you, not for the decoder).

You can also select all files in the message list, "Join sections", and save everything as one giant file: the decoder will find the individual files and save them each separately.

Check "Remove from message after saving": otherwise the entire posting is left in your Agent datafiles.
  Outlook Express: Select all messages that make up a file, "Combine and decode", and save in a file with *.bn extension.
Decode: The first time: Start BN-Decoder, use the "browse" buttons to navigate to the file and the directory where it should be saved, and click "Decode". That's all.
  Subsequent: After BN-Decoder has been used once the .bn-filetype will be registered (unless it was already registered to another program and you selected not to override), and the decoder can be started by double-clicking a .bn file.